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Faraday's Dashboard contains a summary of all data within a Workspace. Each box is a visualization for an specific aspect of the collected information.

When you create a new Workspace an empty dashboard will look as below

Once you start adding data by importing scans, running tools, etc, it will be like this

Let's see in more detail the functionality and information displayed in the dashboard

Switching Workspaces

Top left corner next to F you can see the current Workspace, click on it and a drop-list will be displayed to switch between Workspace quickly

Top Bar

You can navigate between different section of Faraday

There are also 4 icons at the end (left to right)

Reload information and charts manually
Workspace Settings
Will open the Workspace Edit View
User Notifications
The icon will change when another user add @your_username in Vulnerabilities Comment fields Confirmed Vulnerabilties Only
In the Vulns view you can mark vulnerabilities as Confirmed the Dashboard can display the information of all or confirmed vulnerabilities only

Progress and Vulnerabilities Distribution/Counters

Percentage of time spend using Workspace settings (start/end date) and pie charts for vulnerabilies by Severity and Status also total counters of vulnerabilities by Severity included

Activity Feed

Users and actions with results performed on the workspace for quickly seeing the progress been made on the workspace

Last Vulnerabilities

Quick list of latest vulnerabilities added into the workspace

Service Report

A counter view of Services found in the workspace

Workspace Summary

An overall summary of Hosts, Services and Vulnerabilties found so far


List of Hosts and Services currently in the workspace including OS type, there is also a link to website of each hosts

Command History

A detail table of command executed on Faraday by each user including duration


Amount of vulnerabilties added by each users by time


This feature is only available on Profesional & Corporate versions only

The Vulns view allow to add Tags to each vulnerability, this are displayed on size-by-amount type graph