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In order to install Faraday Community version, you can use pip to install Faraday or you can clone the repository.

We recomend to install Faraday inside a virtualenv.

pip3 install virtualenv
virtualenv faraday_venv
source faraday_venv/bin/activate


Install PostgreSQL >= 9.6 (local or remote)
Follow the installation guide from PostgreSQL site for:


Install Redis using apt-get

apt-get redis-server
Then add into the server.ini(/faraday/.faraday/config):

redis_session_storage = localhost

Installation from PyPI

You can install Faraday from PyPI by running the following command:

pip3 install faradaysec

Installation from GitHub

First, clone the repository:

git clone
Clone Frontend:
git clone faraday/frontend
Move into the repo's folder:
cd faraday
Install Faraday:
pip install .

After Installation

Once the installation is completed, make sure you have a PostgreSQL (local or remote)

Then initialize the database
This will generate a random password, use it for Faraday Web UI and change it

faraday-manage initdb

Start Faraday server by running:

sudo systemctl start faraday-server

We highly recommend you to check our First Steps guide.