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The scripts located at $FARADAY/scripts/ are tools shipped with Faraday and refined to work seamlessly with it. Nevertheless, at their core, they are standalone tools totally capable of performing their function on their own.

Faraday ships with two of these scripts:

Shodan - Faraday

A command line tool to get information from Shodan located at $FARADAY/scripts/

usage: shodan_faraday [-h] -q SHODAN_QUERY [-c COUNT] [-a SKEY]
                      [--faradayapi FARADAYAPI] [--debug DEBUG] [--version]

The following command will incorporate all the servers with Apache in Faraday

./shodan_faraday -q apache -a (SHODANKEY)

We provide a couple of wordlists to find specific queries using Shodan.

ls -lha $faraday/scripts/shodan_strings/

You can see an sample usage of these queries in this video

SSL Check

Located at $FARADAY/scripts/, SSL Check is a tool to verify SSL/TLS errors in remote hosts. With code from OpenSSL, this scripts lets a user check the SSL/TLS remote server. The potential vulnerabilities appear in red on the analysis report, which can be easily exported to XML.

As noted above, the preferred way of using these scripts is with Faraday, although it is not necessary. To run the script from Faraday, just open the program, cd to the scripts folders and run


For example: ./