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Remote PostgreSQL configuration

Faraday uses a connection string stored in /home/faraday/.faraday/config/server.ini to connect to the database. You can use faraday-manage initdb to configure a localhost database (same server as Faraday Server runs). If you opt to use a remote database you will need to create a database role, database and create the schema.

Step 0: Install PostgreSQL

sudo apt install postgresql-12
sudo yum install postgresql-12

Step 1: Configure PostgreSQL for remote connection


Make sure you understand this step. Using the wrong settings could leave your database server insecure

First, open the hba_config file, to locate the file execute:

sudo -u postgres psql -c "show hba_file"

Add a line for the faraday-server

host    all             all               md5

Then, open /etc/postgresql/9.X/main/postgresql.conf

Allow to listen on the interface or use * for all interfaces:

listen_addresses = '*'

Step 2: Create PostgreSQL role

Login into the database server and execute:

createuser faraday_postgresql -P

Now, create the database:

createdb faraday

Step 3: Configure Faraday Server

Now on the Faraday Server instance, open the file /home/faraday/.faraday/config/server.ini and append the database configuration:

connection_string = postgresql+psycopg2://faraday_postgresql:SECRET_PASSWORD@REMOTE_IP/faraday

Step 4: Create tables

Now you are ready to create the tables:

faraday-manage create-tables