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Installation Guide for Ubuntu/Debian/Kali/CentOS/RedHat


Install PostgreSQL >= 9.6 (local or remote)
Follow the installation guide from PostgreSQL site for:


Install Redis using apt-get

apt-get install redis-server
Then add into the server.ini(/faraday/.faraday/config):

redis_session_storage = localhost

Installing Faraday

Step 1 - Downloading Faraday Installer

To download Faraday installer (.deb or .rpm)

Step 2 - Installing the package

Go to your Download directory and run the following command

sudo dpkg -i ./faraday-server_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./faraday-server_amd64.rpm

Step 3 - Adding User to faraday Group

Once installed, add your user to the faraday group and re-login

sudo usermod -aG faraday $USER

Step 4 - Initializing the Database (first time only)

This will generate a random password, use it for Faraday Web UI and change it

faraday-manage initdb

Importing License

faraday-manage import-license

or, in isolated servers, download the license file from the portal and place it in /home/faraday/.faraday/doc/

NOTE: old license files should be removed from doc folder when is a re-import.

tar xvf {license file}.tar.gz

Running Faraday

Start Faraday server by running:

sudo systemctl start faraday-server

We highly recommend you to check our First Steps guide, and advanced guide for starting websockets server.