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In order to make Faraday's usage smoother, we have created the Settings section. Here, you can create new Custom Fields, change the account settings, customize the output of the reports and edit Ticketing tools configuration.

To go into Settings, click on User's menu and then click on Settings:

As you can see, for now we have two sections: Custom Fields and Preferences.

Custom Fields

You can create/edit/delete a Custom Field from Settings. Let's create one as an example:

You must fill the following fields in order to create a Custom Field:

  • Name: the name of the field (must be unique).

  • Type: data type of the field, it can be: Integer, List, String, Markdown, Choice.

Inside the Custom Fields menu you can view the list of all custom fields


Within the Preferences menu you will be able to modify the configuration of different tabs, such asAccount, Report and Ticketing Tools


Inside account menu you would be able to modify your password, enable Two Factor Authentification and log in into the last used Workspace


On the Report menu you can customize the output of your reports

Ticketing Tools

Inside this menu you would be able to choose your preferred Ticketing Tool, this will provide you an extended follow up capabilities

Each Ticketing Tools has different configurations.