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Cisco Cyber Vision

The Cisco Cyber Vision agent is designed to identify and analyze vulnerabilities within the Cisco platform. It processes this information and uploads the findings to Faraday, ensuring that all detected vulnerabilities are reported accurately according to user-defined presets. This allows for comprehensive monitoring and management of potential security risks.

Setup Parameters

    This key is essential for successfully authenticating every request sent from the agent to the Cyber Vision platform. You can find this key in the Cisco Cyber Vision web interface under Admin > API > Token, as shown in the example image below.
    This parameter serves as the base URL for accessing your Cisco Cyber Vision web interface. It is utilized to construct API communication URLs and retrieve data. The URL must be HTTPS and include only the initial portion. For example, in the example image below, the URL is, but for this parameter, only is required.

Execution Parameters

  • Cybervision Presets
    This parameter is of List type, indicating that you need to input all values separated by commas (,). Each item should correspond to the name of the presets from which you want the agent to retrieve vulnerabilities. For instance, in the example image, if you select Preset1, Preset2, and Preset3 from the Cyber Vision Overview for processing, the text area of this parameter should be filled with Preset1, Preset2, Preset3. Cisco Cyber Vision Preset Overview

Agent Execution

To execute the agent, simply provide the list of Cybervision Presets, select a workspace destination, and click the Run button. In the example image, we've chosen 'Preset1', 'Preset2', and 'Preset3' to gather data from, and assigned 'workspace' as destination, where all the collected data will be stored.