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Saving backups is always a good choice, whether it is to keep data safe or to share with others.

Faraday configuration and evidence backup

Faraday server stores configuration, processed reports and saves evidence in the directory /home/faraday/.faraday. Remember to do a backup of this directory of the user running faraday-server.

Database backup

In order to create a backup for your database, follow these steps:

  1. Stop Faraday Server.

    sudo systemctl faraday-server stop
    sudo systemctl faraday-worker stop
    sudo systemctl faraday-worker-reports stop

  2. In order to backup your Faraday database, execute the PostgreSQL tool:

    sudo pg_dump faraday > backup_file

  3. Where faraday is the default name of Faraday's database and backup_file is the file where the pg_dump will save your data.

  4. Start the Faraday Server

    sudo systemctl faraday-server start
    sudo systemctl faraday-worker start
    sudo systemctl faraday-worker-reports start

Database restore

To restore a previously created backup turn again Faraday Server off and execute:

sudo service faraday-service stop
sudo psql faraday < backup_file
sudo service faraday-service start

To restore the backup you need to have the database empty.

For more information about PostgreSQL Backup follow this link