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LDAP Users

For the time being Faraday doesn't support a hybrid installation using both LDAP and local users. Enabling LDAP disables local users and vice versa.

In order to configure LDAP, run the following command:

faraday-manage settings -a update ldap

Then update every field according to the configuration on-prem.

$ faraday-manage settings -a update ldap
Update settings for: ldap
enabled [False]:
use_local_roles [True]:
default_local_role [admin]:
admin_group []:
asset_owner_group []:
client_group []:
pentester_group []:
disconnect_timeout [2.0]:
server []:
port [389]:
use_ldaps [False]:
use_start_tls [False]:
domain []:
domain_dn []:
bind_format [CN]:
bind_dn []:
user_class [user]:
user_attribute [sAMAccountName]:
group_class [group]:
paginated_fetch [False]:
Do you confirm your changes on ldap?

Remember to restart the server after doing changes!

systemctl restart faraday-server


If use_local_roles is set to true, any user on the AD will be allowed to use Faraday.