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Updating Faraday

Faraday will be installed as a service if you use .deb or .rpm.

If you're updating from Faraday v3.8.1 or lower, follow the instructions specified in the last section of this article. Once you're done, you can proceed with the instructions below.

To update Faraday, please follow these instructions:

Download the latest .deb or .rpm Faraday Server Installer
Community Edition from our GitHub Professional/Corporate version from the Faraday Portal


sudo service faraday-server stop
sudo apt install ./faraday-amd64.deb
sudo yum install ./faraday-amd64.rpm

In order for the update to work, these steps must be followed in every instance of Faraday.

Once you have updated Faraday, you can take a look at Faraday Server's status by running:

sudo service faraday-server status

Updating from Faraday v3.8.1 or lower

If you have installed Faraday v3.8.1 or lower and you want to update to Faraday's last version, you need to take into consideration the following information:

As now you're able to install Faraday Server and Faraday Client from a separate installer, if you are going to use the server's installer to update Faraday, you need to uninstall the Faraday Client that you have installed in the previous versions.

In order to uninstall Faraday Client, run the following command:

sudo apt remove faraday-client