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In order to arrange or plan an event to take place at a particular time we've created Scheduler, it will allow to use the POSIX local format, the execution will be made by an agent.

To configure a schedule click on Automation button on the left navigation and then click on scheduler, to do a new schedule click on Create Schedule.

Provide a description, interval pattern, select a Tool to run, destination Workspace and click on the Accept button.

The POSIX cron format is the below:

Field Possible Values Syntax Description
a - Minute 0-59 7 * * * * The cron job is initiated every time the system clock shows 7 in the minute’s position.
b - Hour 0-23 0 7 * * * The cron job runs any time the system clock shows 7am (7pm would be coded as 19).
c - Day 0-31 0 0 7 * * The day of the month is 7 which means that the job runs every 7th day of the month.
d - Month 0 = none and 12 = December 0 0 0 7 * The numerical month is 7 which determines that the job runs only in July.

In addition to running the agents manually with their "Run" button, you can also schedule them to run periodically. This can be done from the web if you have our Corporate/Pro version:

or with simple cronjobs using faraday-cli if you are using the Community version

create an with this contents:

echo '{"target": ""}' | faraday-cli agent run -a 1 -e nmap --stdin

Edit your crontab using the bellow command

crontab -e 
1 0 * * 0 /pathtoyourscript/ > /dev/null 2>&1