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Getting Started

Now that you have installed Faraday, we will take the first steps together in this journey

Accessing Faraday Web UI

First, navigate to Faraday Web UI and log in.

Where are my credentials?

Creating a Workspace

Faraday has the concept of Workspaces where you can put all your data related to a project in one place, you can have many workspaces to represent different engagements, weekly/monthly scans for internal/dmz/external networks, specific application assessments, etc

Details on Workspace here

Creating a Host

See how to create, edit and delete an asset in Assets and Services

Creating a Vuln

See how to create, edit and delete a vuln in Vulns

Creating a Report

See how to create, edit and delete a report in Reports

Getting Started

Using faraday to integrate your tools has never been this easy!

Details on Getting started here