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Pipelines and jobsΒΆ

We were thinking on a pain solver in case of importing manually files, or working with the vulnerabilities massively in your Workspace.

Faraday created pipelines designed exclusively to automate and change vulnerabilities applying custom Job rules, according to patterns inside a name or any attribute inside a Vulnerability.

The hierarchy will be Jobs are run inside Pipelines. The first view will show in the left the pipelines, and clicking on one title, will show the configuration of each.


Jobs will run sequentially inside a Pipeline to a Target Workspace. If you click on Create New the Jobs view will be opened.


In this view is needed to setup a Name, Description and Object and Attributes.

Based on Two models, Assets and Vulnerability. it can be added Rules and Tasks

Rules are sets of attributes based on the vulnerability, such as Name, Description, Tag, etc. The operators for the rules are equal, not equal and contains, using the operators the rule can be created.


The Tasks contain Actions these can be Update, Append and Delete the object. The last option will delete the object that matches the condition, this is used to Delete the Vulnerability. The action Update will select a Field based on this condition and update it to the value selected in the Action to the desired Value. Append is useful to create an attribute such as Tag, Comment or Policy Violation. in Case of Comments a user can be addressed with a "@" symbol.


Click on Save on the up right Corner.

Select The Target Workspace and click on Save


From the Enable slide the pipeline can be either enabled or disabled, and from the Run Button the pipeline can be manually triggered.