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Configure Slack Notifications

Getting Ready with Slack Configuration

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create New App.”

  1. Select "From an app manifest"

  1. Choose the Slack workspace where you want to install the app.

  1. In step 2, paste the following manifest JSON data:
    "display_information": {
        "name": "faraday-notifications",
        "description": "Notifications for Faraday",
        "background_color": "#82AFD9"
    "features": {
        "app_home": {
            "home_tab_enabled": false,
            "messages_tab_enabled": true,
            "messages_tab_read_only_enabled": true
        "bot_user": {
            "display_name": "Faraday Notifications",
            "always_online": true
    "oauth_config": {
        "scopes": {
            "bot": [
    "settings": {
        "event_subscriptions": {
            "bot_events": [
        "interactivity": {
            "is_enabled": true
        "org_deploy_enabled": false,
        "socket_mode_enabled": true,
        "token_rotation_enabled": false
  1. Click on “Create.”
  2. Click on “OAuth & Permissions.” and Install it “Org-wide.”

Note: Obtain the OAuth token for later use by pasting it into Faraday.

  1. Click on “Add apps,” locate the faraday-notifications app, and add it.
  2. Get your Slack ID from your Slack profile and paste it into Faraday.

Configure your Slack integration

Using the OAuth token and your Slack ID, you can configure Slack notifications. Use the shortcut button from the Notifications Settings to be redirected to the Slack configuration in Faraday's Preferences and paste the token and your Slack ID obtained in the steps above.

Info If your role differs from an administrator, you only need to paste your Slack ID. For the integration to work, an administrator must initially paste the OAuth token into their own Faraday account.