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There are many ways to add vulnerabilities into Faraday, create them manually, import scan reports, with supported tools, Faraday Agents or using Faraday API.

Import your tool Reports

You can upload a scan report of your favorite tool to Faraday and have a nice look at your findings through the Vulns View. You can see a list of the tools that Faraday supports by clicking on this link

In order to upload a report to Faraday, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the button + Add Vulnerability.
  • Click on the button Import from file and a prompt will be displayed.
  • Click on Browse in order to select the report that you are going to upload, or just drag and drop the file into the box.
  • Once you have selected the report, click on Upload and your file will be uploaded.
  • Refresh the view with the top bar refresh icon.

Supported File formats

There is a variety of tools and they all have multiple export formats, to make it more simple we list the tool in order + the filetype