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There are many ways to add vulnerabilities into Faraday, create them manually, import scan reports, with supported tools, Faraday Agents or using Faraday API.

Import your tool Reports

You can upload a scan report of your favorite tool to Faraday and have a nice look at your findings through the Vulns View. You can see a list of the tools that Faraday supports by clicking on this link

In order to upload a report to Faraday, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the button + Add Vulnerability.
  • Click on the button Import from file and a prompt will be displayed.
  • Click on Browse in order to select the report that you are going to upload, or just drag and drop the file into the box.
  • Once you have selected the report, click on Upload and your file will be uploaded.
  • Refresh the view with the top bar refresh icon.

Supported File formats

There is a variety of tools and they all have multiple export formats, to make it more simple we list the tool in order + the filetype

Name ID Command Report
Acunetix XML Output Plugin Acunetix No Yes
Acunetix360 Output Plugin Acunetix360 No Yes
Acunetix JSON Output Plugin Acunetix_Json No Yes
Amap Output Plugin Amap Yes No
Appscan XML Plugin Appscan No Yes
Appscan CSV Output Plugin Appscan_CSV No Yes
AppSpider XML Output Plugin AppSpider No Yes
Arachni XML Output Plugin Arachni Yes Yes
arp-scan network scanner arp-scan Yes No
Bandit XML Output Plugin Bandit No Yes
BeEF Online Service Plugin Beef Yes No
brutexss brutexss Yes No
Burp XML Output Plugin Burp No Yes
Checkmarx XML Output Plugin Checkmarx No Yes
CIS XML Output Plugin CIS No Yes
Cobalt CSV Output Plugin Cobalt No Yes
Crowdstrike JSON Output Plugin Crowdstrike_Json No Yes
DiG dig Yes No
Dirb dirb Yes No
dirsearch dirsearch Yes No
Dnsenum XML Output Plugin Dnsenum Yes No
Dnsmap Output Plugin Dnsmap Yes No
Dnsrecon XML Output Plugin Dnsrecon Yes No
Dnswalk XML Output Plugin Dnswalk Yes No
Faraday CSV Plugin faraday_csv No Yes
Fierce Output Plugin Fierce Yes No
Fortify XML Output Plugin Fortify No Yes
Ftp ftp Yes No
Goohost XML Output Plugin Goohost Yes No
Grype JSON Plugin grype Yes Yes
hping3 Hping3 Yes No
Hydra XML Output Plugin Hydra Yes No
Core Impact XML Output Plugin CoreImpact No Yes
Invicti XML Output Plugin Invicti No Yes
Ip360 CSV Output Plugin Ip360 No No
Junit XML Output Plugin Junit No Yes
Lynis DAT Output Plugin Lynis Yes Yes
Maltego MTGX & MTGL Output Plugin Maltego No Yes
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer MBSA No Yes
Medusa Output Plugin Medusa Yes No
Metasploit XML Output Plugin Metasploit No Yes
Naabu naabu Yes Yes
ncrack XML Plugin ncrack No Yes
ndiff Ndiff Yes No
Nessus XML Output Plugin Nessus No Yes
Nessus Sc Output Plugin Nessus_sc No Yes
netdiscover Netdiscover Yes No
Netsparker XML Output Plugin Netsparker No Yes
NetsparkerCloud XML Output Plugin NetsparkerCloud No Yes
Nexpose XML 2.0 Report Plugin NexposeFull No Yes
nextnet nextnet Yes No
Nikto XML Output Plugin Nikto Yes Yes
Nipper XML Output Plugin Nipper No Yes
Nmap XML Output Plugin Nmap Yes Yes
Nuclei nuclei Yes Yes
Nuclei nuclei_legacy Yes Yes
OpenScap XML Output Plugin OpenScap No Yes
Openvas XML Output Plugin Openvas No Yes
pasteAnalyzer JSON Output Plugin pasteAnalyzer Yes No
PeepingTom peepingtom Yes No
Pentera Json Output Plugin Pentera_Json No Yes
Ping ping Yes No
Ping Castle XML Output Plugin PingCastle No Yes
Popeye JSON Output Plugin Popeye_Json No Yes
propecia port scanner propecia Yes No
Prowler prowler No Yes
Qualysguard XML Output Plugin Qualysguard No Yes
QualysWebapp XML Output Plugin QualysWebapp No Yes
rdpscan rdpscan Yes No
Reconng XML Output Plugin Reconng No Yes
Retina XML Output Plugin Retina No Yes
Reverseraider XML Output Plugin Reverseraider Yes No
Sarif Plugin Sarif No Yes
Semgrep Json Semgrep_JSON No Yes
Shodan shodan Yes Yes
Skipfish Output Plugin Skipfish Yes No
SonarQube API Plugin sonarqubeAPI No Yes
Sourceclear sourceclear No Yes
sshdefaultscan sshdefaultscan Yes No
SSL Labs ssllabs No Yes
Sslyze Plugin Sslyze_XML No Yes
Sslyze Json Sslyze_JSON Yes Yes
Syhunt XML Plugin Syhunt No Yes
Telnet Telnet Yes No
Terraform Plugin JSON Output Plugin TerraformPluginJson No Yes
Theharvester XML Output Plugin Theharvester Yes No
Traceroute Traceroute Yes No
Trivy JSON Output Plugin Trivy_Json No Yes
W3af XML Output Plugin W3af Yes Yes
Wapiti XML Output Plugin Wapiti Yes Yes
Wcscan XML Output Plugin Wcscan Yes No
Webfuzzer Output Plugin Webfuzzer Yes No
Webinspect Webinspect No Yes
Wfuzz Plugin Wfuzz Yes No
WhatWebPlugin whatweb No Yes
whitesource whitesource No Yes
Whois whois Yes No
Windows Defender Jsonl WindowsDefender_JSONL No Yes
WPscan wpscan Yes Yes
Onapsis X1 XML Output Plugin X1 Yes Yes
xsssniper xsssniper Yes No
Zap XML Output Plugin Zap No Yes
Zap Json Output Plugin Zap_Json No Yes