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Faraday Zap extension

Importing to Faraday a XML report generated by OWASP Zap

Faraday Zap Extension

Using Faraday Zap Extension

With Faraday Zap Extension, you are able to send new issues directly from OWASP Zap into Faraday.

Download Faraday Zap Extension

The first thing we need to do is to download Faraday Zap Extension.

Configuring Faraday Zap Extension

Once we have downloaded it, we need to load it into OWASP Zap. You can load an add-on as the sample image below or by typing [Ctrl + L]:

Now we need to authenticate into the Faraday Zap extension by using our Faraday's credentials. Go into Tools/Faraday configuration options or type [Ctrl+Alt+F]:

Type your credentials and set the Faraday Server URL to the correct one. Then click Login:

Once you are logged in, you can go to the Configuration tab and select the workspace where you want to work in:

Note: by clicking on Refresh, you can update your workspaces from Faraday.

Sending requests and alerts into Faraday

Now that you have configured Faraday Zap extension, you can proceed to send issues into Faraday:

  • Sending a request:

  • Sending an alert:

Uninstalling Faraday Zap Extension

To uninstall the extension, go into Manage Add-ons, select the extension named Faraday and then click on Uninstall Selected